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Lisa C. Sellars, Holistic Practitioner

What is a Chakra ?
Quantum physics  confirm that the  human body is not solid matter - but is energy!    On a  metaphysical ~ mind and body ~ level this  means  that  dis-ease and discomfort may be an indication that on a cellular level the life force energy of the physical body is unbalance or "blocked".   Vibrational frequency and therapy help to restore balance and allow you to enjoy your best health.
What is a Chakra?
Chakra means wheel in the Sanskrit language.   Like a wheel, a chakra is always in motion.  Based on the ancient Ayuvedic medicine concept,   Chakras are believed to be control centers that receive and assimilate life's energy.  (Life force energy is also referred to as "chi" or "prana".)  The seven major chakras run along the spinal column balancing with our glandular and central nervous systems.  


Chakra  Sound Balancing is awesome with: