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Lisa C. Sellars, Holistic Practitioner


Researchers have discovered that natural essential oils and the human blood share several common cellular properties.   Aromatherapy is not merely an indulgence for the senses, but a natural way to enhance the quality of health and well-being!   The chemical structure is similar to those found in the human cells and  tissues, so it's no wonder that the human body responds so well to  natural essential oils.   

Therapeutic benefits of Aromatherapy      Dating back to 4500 BC records tell of the use of Aromatherapy.   The Egyptians used oils, herbs and plants in their health practices.    In the Christian Bible there are over 200 references of aromatics and oils.    During both World Wars the use of essential oils were common.   Doctors found that the essential oils could be used extensively  for their antibacterial and healing properties.   

Aromatherapy ~ essential oils and  lotion blends may be incorporated into most sessions, such as  Massage Therapy, Reflexology, and Vibrational Energy Work.