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Lisa C. Sellars, Holistic Practitioner

Before and After

Before each Treatment:

  • Be sure to inform the Therapist of any changes in your medical history since your last visit.  This is especially important if you become pregnant, develop diabetes, circulatory or heart disease or have surgery.
  • Eat only a light meal or come in on an empty stomach.   The treatment is more relaxing and easier when you're body isn't competing with digestion.   Lying prone on a full stomach can be uncomfortable.
  • Relax and concentrate on breathing deeply during the treatment.   This will help you to relax and increases the effectiveness of the treatment.   Inform your Therapist if you find that you are holding your breath to tolerate the pressure on sore points.   This is an indication for the Therapist to decrease the pressure being used.
  • Remove watch and  jewelry, before the session (if possible).
  • Turn off your cell phone.

 After each Treatment:

  • Be sure to drink plenty of water.  Water aids the body in removing the lactic acid.
  • Enjoy a baking soda bath, epsom salt or sea salt soak.   Add more or less, one cup of baking soda to your tub of water and soak for 15 or more minutes.  Salts are high in mineral contents.  Sea salt aids the body in releasing toxins and Epsom Salt can help to relax tense muscles.
  • Take it easy after a session.   Give your body time to relax and to experience the effects of the bodywork.


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