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Lisa C. Sellars, Holistic Practitioner


Welcome to Aura Healing Arts  ~ Savannah's leader in vibrational healing energy bodywork! 


Make 2018 the year of purpose and passion highlighted with self care! 

TODAY ~  is the perfect time to focus on change. 

Do you wish to feel more energized, focused and peaceful? 

Breath, relax and focus on feeling happy, healthy and whole.    Allow yourself time to remember and to experience personal joy and peace.   No one, but you can give you what it takes to be satisfied.   Peace of mind comes from within.   How you choose to view and react to life's chaos and challenges is your choice.   Do you choose to see life as unkind and hostile or do you feel connected and tranquil?   What is your body telling you?     

Accept what is and allow yourself with love to detach from negativity.   Give yourself some time to focus on yourself.    Allow time for your body to de-stress and to release the tension that causes dis-ease.    

Health and vitality can be the realization of  your perfect life.   Your thoughts, pain and experiences are not an illusion to be ignored, but rather the reality in which you are reacting to life and all it's experiences.    

Take action to experience your most healthy, energized, creative, successful  and stress-free life.    YOU deserve this reality!!   

Although, I can't guarantee you will be healed of all that ails you...  I do believe that you will feel better if you make your physical and emotional health your priority.  Are you ready to embark on the journey?   If you are - I'm ready to assist you.

Call for your free phone consultation to see if this is the right path for you.





By appointment only.  


Always inform the Therapist of any health problems or medications you are taking.  If you are under a Doctor's care, it is strongly advised that you receive a written recommendation for Massage or Bodywork.

Aura Healing Arts and its' therapists do not diagnose, or claim to treat, heal or cure disease.