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Lisa C. Sellars - Massage Therapist, Energy Practitioner, Intuitive Coach

Vibrational Sound Therapy - Tuning Forks

Every vibration has a frequency.   Every living being has their own melody.  Science recognizes the musical vibration of nature - from atoms, the stars in the galaxies and earth.  It has been found that earth's magnetic resonances vibrate at the same frequency as the heart rhythms and brain waves. Chakra imbalances (vibrating excesses or deficiencies) can manifest in the form of physical aches, pains or illness or display as emotional anxiety.  Chakras play an important role in balancing the vibrating energies within the body and maintaining a proper balance that is necessary for optimum health.

The ancient Solfeggio Scale are the original key to the Universe and can be used to encourage healing and to reduce stress. These frequencies can be powerful and inspirational to the body and mind. Through vibrational sound, these frequencies can aid in balancing the Chakra System.